Meet Diana Munoz, the General Manager of our El Paso, Texas location! Diana has been with Famous Dave’s for many years and is an integral part of our team! She recently sat down with us to discuss why she joined our BBQ Franchise and told us what she loves most about working for Famous Dave’s!

What motivated you to start working with Famous Dave’s?

When they called me to start working for Famous Dave’s, I didn’t know anything about it. It wasn’t until I told my family and saw their excitement and reactions […] I thought, “Okay, I’ll see what it has to offer.” Then I fell in love with the company, which is the reason why I’ve been here for so long. 

What is your favorite part of managing a BBQ franchise with Famous Dave’s?

I’d have to say the team that I work with on a daily basis. I love creating a fun environment and atmosphere for my employees, and then they create it for the guests. It’s about having fun so then they can share that experience with our guests. Then our guests love and enjoy coming into our restaurant. 

What do you love most about the food?

Everything is authentic. Very few things get shipped in that are already made, so it’s a lot of homemade, authentic cooking and smoking and grilling. We make everything with love! Then we send it out and make sure that it’s coming out the way that it is supposed to be.

Tell us about the past year.

Last year we ended the year compositive. This year we added a fourth location (in El Paso) to Famous Dave’s. This speaks for itself. You wouldn’t do it if it wasn’t in demand, and people didn’t want it. Now, we’re ready for the year to be over and see what this next year brings us!

What are some of the most rewarding parts of your job?

One of my most recent rewarding experiences was being able to go to Houston after the hurricane hit. I was picked to lead the team to Houston. We teamed up with OBR (Operation Barbecue Relief), whom Famous Dave’s was partnered with. Being able to serve, to make food and hand it out to the people […] that’s an experience that I will never forget. It’s something that I would not have been able to do without working for Famous Dave’s and them giving me the opportunity to go out and do something big like that.

What is your strategy moving forward?

We have to keep reinventing ourselves and finding ways to appeal to everyone nowadays. All of that is being reincorporated. We’re doing OLO and all of the online delivery services and app features and reward programs. Marketing is taking care of itself. I feel that we’re on the right track. As long as we’re bringing all these people in and people are coming into our stores, we have to make sure we’re keeping up with modern trends. Bringing Travis Clark (Head of culinary development) aboard and having him work on our brisket recipes and the grilling techniques will really help. It only gets better from here!

As one can see from Diana’s vibrant energy, Famous Dave’s is more than just another job for her. It’s the career that she has always wanted. She has found her perfect fit and is genuinely passionate about her work! Famous Dave’s is not just a brand for her. It’s a family! 

Our Famous Dave’s Franchise Owners share the same energy! They value the support that they get from employees like Diana and the franchising support team. They can rest easy knowing that they are covered through thick and thin. Furthermore, they appreciate the opportunity to get in touch with the community, whether it be helping with hurricane relief or just making sure every customer is satisfied. 

Owning a BBQ franchise with Famous Dave’s also gives Franchise Owners the potential for tremendous profits. With multiple revenue streams from restaurant sales, third party delivery, and catering orders, revenues are continually coming in! Coherently, they get to enjoy a stellar work/life balance and a flexible schedule. With an average revenue of $2.5 million, franchising with Famous Dave’s is a no-brainer!

So what are you waiting for? Spend more time with your family while bringing in more revenue than ever! Visit our franchising site to learn more.



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