It’s been a huge start to the fall for us here at Famous Dave’s BBQ restaurant franchise, especially now that we’ve just signed a new 25-unit development agreement! We’re officially partnering with Bluestone Hospitality Group to add to our 125 existing domestic locations, focusing on developing our ghost kitchens and dual restaurant concepts. A recent article from discussed the deal in detail and highlighted what it means for the future of our BBQ restaurant franchise. 

Bluestone Hospitality is led by restaurateur and franchising expert Allan Gantes, someone who truly saw the potential of our brand during the current business climate. Allan currently franchises with brands like Burger King, On the Border, Popeye’s, and Hilton Hotels, concurrently managing brands like Johnny Carino’s. 

“Our first motivator to invest in Famous Dave’s ghost kitchens was its award-winning food and its ability to travel well and taste great when delivered to our customers,” remarks Allan. “Couple that with the Famous Dave’s leadership team who understands the importance of evolving in light of changing consumer preferences, and we saw a formula for success to enhance our existing restaurant footprint. It’s a period of unprecedented change in the industry, and demand for off-premises sales has dramatically increased.”

What exactly does this mean for our BBQ restaurant franchise? It means that we can provide our award-winning BBQ to more consumers across a variety of new markets! Furthermore, it allows us more exposure for our newer growth models and ghost kitchens. This is great in spreading word-of-mouth about our brand and helping our Franchise Owners expand their reach. This is a tremendous opportunity for Famous Dave’s to further position itself as a leader within the restaurant industry, especially during COVID-19, and we’re excited to have the opportunity to collaborate with an experienced industry leader like Allan!

As one can see, there were a variety of factors that drew Allan and his agency to our BBQ restaurant franchise, which are shared amongst all of our Franchise Owners. For starters, our owners have the potential to realize tremendous growth and profitability. In 2019, our restaurants saw average unit volumes of $2.6 million, with our top restaurants earning up to $6.2 million per unit.* With investment starting at $481,750 and only $300,000 required in liquid capital, it’s safe to say that our numbers are famously high!

Better yet, our Franchise Owners have a reputation that precedes them. When we say we are the most awarded barbecue franchise in the world, we mean it. Aside from being founded by world champion pitmaster “Famous Dave” Anderson, our BBQ restaurant franchise has received over 700 awards and counting. This is super valuable in assisting marketing efforts for our Franchise Owners and helping establish them as community leaders from the get-go. People flock from all over cities and their surrounding areas just to get a taste of our barbecue and when a new Famous Dave’s opens, it’s a big deal.

Our Franchise Owners truly love what they do and they wouldn’t have it any other way. They get to be their own bosses and work on their own schedules. What exactly does this mean? It means working when they want to, taking time off when they need it, and spending more time with friends and family. These are things that a typical corporate career simply cannot offer and they are something that our Franchise Owners truly value. As a result, our Famous Dave’s BBQ franchise restaurant Owners are some of the happiest people you’ll ever meet!

If you hit any bumps in the road as a Franchise Owner, our corporate support team has your back 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Be it training new employees, expanding the reach of your BBQ restaurant franchise, or streamlining your operations, our “Famous Support” has you covered. You’ll sleep easy at night knowing that you experience all the benefits of small business ownership without much of the extra work or stress that comes with it.

More than anything, however, owning a Famous Dave’s is fun! Aside from serving some of the best BBQ out there, you get to interact with your local community on a daily basis. The restaurant industry is a booming place to be right now, thanks to rock-bottom interest rates and abundant and affordable commercial real estate. Once our newest Franchise Owners have completed their construction and build-out process and are ready to open their shiny new Famous Dave’s BBQ, people will be ready to gather together once more with family and friends, enjoying the delicious slow-cooked BBQ, made-from-scratch sides, and friendly atmosphere that made us “FAMOUS” in the first place! 

So what’re you waiting for? Leave your boring corporate career behind and bring the most famous BBQ restaurant franchise in the world to your community. Visit our franchising site for more information.

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*Numbers obtained from 2020 FDD Document


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