December 20th, 2019, was a big day for the Famous Dave’s brand, in a manner of speaking. This date marked the official reveal of our first smaller footprint prototype restaurant in Uptown, Minneapolis. It also marked a design transition for our beloved BBQ restaurant franchise. The size of this new restaurant design is approximately 3,000 square feet, as opposed to the average restaurant size of 6,500 – 7,000 square feet. Included in this space is a bar-centric environment and a more compact dining area.

We are also happy to announce that the changes to our BBQ restaurant franchise opportunity will also feature technological innovations such as tabletop ordering as well as digital kiosks which we’ll use to appeal to a younger demographic. This location will also focus heavily on off-premise delivery and catering so that we can continue serving customers in a multitude of ways. Our executive team has also been focusing on curating a different and exciting experience for the guests within the space by introducing new, exciting activities such as trivia, game nights, karaoke, and more – all while continuing to implement the same core values that Famous Dave’s has held for the last 25+ years.

“We’re excited to explore this new concept, which allows our brand to operate from a smaller space with a bar-centric atmosphere, resulting in a comfortable and fun local hangout,” said Jeff Crivello, CEO of BBQ Holdings, Inc. “Our team is looking forward to this initiative in which will capture efficiencies in occupancy costs, labor, and an abbreviated menu of our legendary, core BBQ.”

We are hoping to open five to ten of these smaller footpring restaurants by the end of 2020 in locations all across America. We are also looking to start implementing a drive-thru in an effort to continue building the convenience factor at our already existing stores. It is important to us that we strengthen our focus on growth and innovation while continuing to invest in technology, in our customers, and in our Franchise Owners so that we can support any and all new openings and the growth that comes with it.

“At the end of the day, our foundation is built on great BBQ and fantastic service,” said Al Hank, Sr. Director, Strategy & Franchise Operations. “You can still enjoy that same Famous Dave’s experience but we’re taking the steps towards ensuring that our customers are able to come in to catch the game and grab a beer while also having the option to order our Famous BBQ from the comfort of their own homes.”

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