There’ve been a lot of new terms and phrases that have been thrown around during this unpredictable year. Here’s one that should definitely be in your vocabulary, however: Ghost Kitchens. What exactly is a ghost kitchen? Well for a top BBQ Franchise like Famous Dave’s, a ghost kitchen is just one of the variety of innovative ways that our brand is keeping our Franchise Owners busy and our customers happy during 2020! A recent article from the Chicago Tribune highlighted our emphasis on this new business model and discussed what it means for our brand.

By definition, a ghost kitchen is a professional food preparation and cooking facility set up for the preparation of delivery-only meals. In simpler terms, a ghost kitchen is when a brand like Famous Dave’s opens or uses an existing kitchen to make food just solely for delivery. And that’s exactly what we’ve been doing across the country! Our latest ghost kitchen is slated to open in the coming weeks inside Granite City Food and Brewery in Naperville, Illinois. Being able to share a facility allows not only allows for maximum efficiency but minimizes costs and increases potential profitability for our Top BBQ Franchise Owners!

So, what other advantages are there to ghost kitchens? Well for starters, they’re one of the most popular dining concepts out there right now. With the current COVID regulations, demand for to-go and delivery dining options is through the roof. By implementing ghost kitchens, we’re catering specifically to this demand, all while creating another revenue stream for our Franchise Owners. Simultaneously, our Franchise Owners can manage their fully operational locations and provide customers with a traditional barbecue experience. 

Sounds like a good business model, right? Our ghost kitchens are just one of the many ways that we prime our Franchise Owners for long term success here at Famous Daves. Being a part of a top BBQ Franchise like Famous Dave’s allows for an independent, flexible schedule, all while having our tremendous support team behind you 24/7. You are given the potential to realize tremendous profits and maximize your revenues. Best of all, however, being a Franchise Owner at Famous Dave’s is an extremely fulfilling experience and one of the most fun careers you can ever have. The days of sitting in a cubicle are long gone. At Famous Dave’s you get to be up on your feet and interact with fellow barbecue enthusiasts on a daily basis!

So what’re you waiting for? Find the career you’ve always wanted and visit our franchising site today!




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