What You’ll Learn:
In this informative look at Franchise model benefits, we’re going to discuss:

  • The unique benefits of opening a Franchise
  • How entrepreneurs of all experience levels can enjoy the advantages of Franchise Owners

Benefits of a Franchise Model

In the business world, an excellent franchise model is a win-win scenario for Franchisor and Franchise Owners alike.

But it’s probably not surprising to learn that an outstanding Franchise model offers a more lucrative range of possibilities than a subpar one. Famous Dave’s has crafted a unique model for our Franchises, specifically designed to propel both our Franchise Business Owners and the Famous Dave’s brand to new heights.

Go beyond casually considering franchising and start taking steps towards becoming a Famous Dave’s Franchise Owner – here are the benefits you can look forward to.


For many prospective entrepreneurs, coming up with enough capital to start a business from scratch is a tall order. But for future Famous Dave’s Franchise Owners, our requirements for liquid capital availability make owning your own business far more accessible.

Motivated Management

Flying solo as a new business owner is difficult, but you’re never alone in your journey when you have the Famous Dave’s Franchise Support and Management teams by your side.

Look at it this way: when you’re running an independent business, succeeding is your first priority. But as a Famous Dave’s Franchise Owner, your success is important to you and your entire support team. As a result, you can count on extensive resources and support to help you make it through every new challenge from day one.

Staffing Leverage

Famous Dave’s sets you up with training programs for your Franchise management staff, taking the weight off your shoulders and giving you the peace of mind that they’ve been well-prepared to run your restaurant.

Ease of Supervision

Choose between a totally hands-on approach or operate your Franchise Model from a distance; with Famous Dave’s, it’s up to you. We make it easy to tailor the business experience to suit your needs and preferences, offering flexible levels of involvement and supervisory levels.

Increased Profitability

Multiple revenue streams, flexible business models, and an all-star support team have allowed us to devise smart strategies for measurable growth in profitability. Some of our highest-performing restaurants have more than $6 million in unit volume, and our Franchises as a whole have an average unit volume exceeding $2.5 million.

Improved Valuations

Our brand recognition power is one of your best advantages, and it also contributes to your business’s valuation right away. Rather than starting from scratch with an unknown business, you’re ten steps ahead in terms of valuation right away. Before your doors even open, you have something of value: a Famous Dave’s BBQ restaurant and a slice of an industry-respected name.

Start Your New Business Venture with the Advantages of a Franchise from Famous Dave’s BBQ

Are you ready to help yourself to a generous serving of entrepreneurial opportunities? Famous Dave’s is America’s favorite barbecue joint, and we’re always cooking up innovative ownership options and perks for our Franchise Owners.

With years of experience, a tried and true Franchise Model, and a name that’s known and loved nationwide, Famous Dave’s is taking a big bite out of the industry. Learn more about how to join our team as a Franchise Owner and discover your full entrepreneurial potential now!

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