After an eventful 2020 for Famous Dave’s, our barbecue franchise is ushering in the new year with new ghost kitchen openings across the country. A recent segment from Fort Wayne, IN’s local NBC station highlighted the city’s latest Famous Dave’s ghost kitchen opening and showcased what it means for the local community.

While ghost kitchens are a great way for our barbecue Franchise Owners to maximize their efficiency and potential for profitability, they also benefit employees by offering more hours and create jobs within the area. Famous Dave’s has combined forces with Fort Wayne, IN locale Granite City Food & Brewery to offer this concept inside their location and maximize food offerings as well as revenues for both locations. The events of the past year have skyrocketed demand for take-out and third party delivery services. Ghost kitchens cater to just this, as they only allow for customers to order or call in their food. At the same time, however, Franchise Owners have minimal build-out costs as they are combining forces with an already existing kitchen. It’s fair to say that the concept is truly a win-win for Franchise Owners and customers alike!

Maximizing revenue streams has always been a strong characteristic of being a barbecue Franchise Owner at Famous Dave’s, so the widespread implementation of ghost kitchens should come as no surprise. However, you may be wondering, what are some of the other benefits of owning a barbecue franchise with us? Well for starters, you have the potential to realize our “famous revenues.” In 2019, our Franchise Owners saw average unit volumes of $2.6 million* with our top restaurants earning up to $6.2 million.* As one can see, owning a Famous Dave’s is an opportunity that can truly pay off in the long run.

Better yet, owning a barbecue franchise with Famous Dave’s allows for tremendous freedom and flexibility. Tired of the corporate 9-5 grind? You’re not alone. As a Famous Dave’s Franchise Owner you get to work on your own schedule and be your own boss. This means time off when you need it, more time to spend with your family, and getting to take that vacation you’ve always been wanting.

So, what are you waiting for? Set yourself up for long term success and the potential for high profitability by bringing the most famous barbecue franchise to your community. Visit our franchising site for more information. 

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*Numbers acquired from 2020 FDD document



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